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April 22, 2010
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Chambara JLA: Flash by genesischant Chambara JLA: Flash by genesischant
Chambara Hero Flash.

I hope people are liking these Chambara Heroes, because they are fun to make.

Chambara Flash is known as 'Shiden Yuu'.

Yuu Nishibaru was born into a yakuza family in Okinawa. When he was seven years old he was struck by lightning in his right arm. The shock stopped his heart and badly scarred his right arm. It was only the timely intervention of a broken-down old ronin that saved his life. He learned the basics of sword-fighting from the ronin, and when the old man died, he left his swords to Yuu. The boy was a natural talent, a blindingly fast swordsman with the mental flexibility to improvise in nearly any situation.

Yuu Nishibaru became infamous as 'Shiden Yuu'-- 紫電 (shiden) meaning 'Violet Lightning' or a 'Flashing Sword' and 右 (migi, alt. yuu) meaning 'Right-hand'. This is a reference to the fact that Yuu never uses his scarred right arm except to draw his sword. He is renowned as a formidable and unconventional fighter and as perhaps the greatest practitioner of iaijutsu in all of Japan.

As a lowly yakuza, Yuu is not legally allowed to carry the daishou swords of his master, but he does so anyway. He has an intense dislike for authority, especially when power is abused. Though he works for money, he holds to a strict personal code of ethics, never drawing his sword against an opponent first. He cannot be bought for an evil cause, and often steps in on the side of an underdog.

He is well known for the catchphrase "A lightning bolt has struck this right arm, and now it strikes you!"
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These are amazing!
Well done (and nice legs!)!
genesischant Nov 23, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
A speedster needs a nice pair of gams.
Ziggyman May 27, 2010  Professional General Artist
How much for the fish-man an the guy of the lantern?
they need to hire you for concept work. you make old boring characters interesting again.

Also love what you did with his design. specifically the coat and details on the sheath.
Haha, extremely appropriate fighting style for this guy. Pretty cool.
genesischant Apr 22, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! I knew from early on what I wanted to do with the Flash, the hard part was figuring out what styles the others might use.
iaijutsu, the Quick Draw style... Heh..
genesischant Apr 22, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I was admittedly influenced by the loads of Zatoichi movies I've been watching.
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